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These Officers gave their lives while committed to the motto “To Protect and Serve.”

We honor these brave officers and their families.

Sadly, across the country, many law enforcement officers will lose their lives this year while performing their duties. The Steve Young Memorial Scholarship Program, created by a $3 million grant from the U.S. Department of Labor, is administered by the National Fraternal Order of Police Foundation to assist the spouses of law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty.

Police Officer Erik Hite
End of Watch: Monday, June 2, 2008
Officer Erik Hite succumbed to a gunshot wound sustained the previous day by a suspect who had wounded a Pima County Sheriff’s Department deputy. The suspect had fired a rifle into the homes …
Police Officer Patrick Hardesty
End of Watch: Monday, May 26, 2003
Officer Hardesty was shot and killed while investigating a hit-and-run traffic accident in a midtown neighborhood. Shortly after arriving at the scene, Officer Hardesty located a suspect and a struggle ensued in which …
Officer Jeffrey H. Ross
End of Watch: Thursday, February 18, 1982
Officer Ross was shot and killed while leading a team of narcotics officers on a ‘buy/bust’ narcotics raid for cocaine at a local bar. While entering a rear office, the suspect, who was …
Officer James Anthony Smith
End of Watch: Tuesday, October 28, 1980
Officer Smith was killed in a motorcycle accident after another vehicle struck the rear of his patrol motorcycle near Speedway Boulevard and Plumer Avenue. The impact caused his motorcycle to veer into oncoming …
Officer Barry W. Headricks
End of Watch: Monday, October 28, 1974
Officer Headricks was shot and killed while participating in a narcotics raid during the day. During the raid he was shot three times. Officer Headricks was able to return fire and wound the …
Officer Robert V. Cummins
End of Watch: Monday, September 7, 1936
Officer Cummins was killed in a motorcycle accident in Phoenix, Arizona, while escorting an American Legion convention parade. While returning to Tucson his police motorcycle skidded on loose gravel at Van Buren and …
Officer William H. Katzenstein
End of Watch: Saturday, July 26, 1902
Officer Katzenstein was shot and killed after responding to assist the fire department at a fire. As he was opening a fire hydrant he was ambushed and shot five times by a man …
Officer William Elliott
End of Watch: Saturday, July 2, 1892
Officer Elliott was stabbed to death while patrolling Myer Street. Just after midnight he confronted a notorious criminal. The man pulled out a knife and stabbed Officer Elliott in the chest. He was …